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How To Order a Pam Walton Productions Film


All our documentaries are available through Pam Walton Productions. Liberty, Gay Youth, Raging Grannies, Call to Witness and Triptych are also available through New Day Films®.


Below is a summary of the ordering info for each of our films:


Triptych: 3 Women Making Art

Triptych: 3 Women Making Art

35 Minutes / DVD / Closed Captioned

Raging Grannies Gail and Ruth

Raging Grannies

30 Minutes / DVD

Joyce Fulton in Liberty

Liberty: 3 Stories About Life & Death

55 Minutes / DVD / Closed Captioned / Detailed study guide

Gay Youth

Gay Youth

30 Minutes / DVD / Closed Captioned / 16-page study guide

Revernd Zilhart

Call to Witness

59 minutes / DVD / Study guide

The Waltons

Family Values: An American Tragedy

59 minutes / DVD
Out in Suburbia

Out in Suburbia

28 minutes / DVD

Front entrance of the Harrell-Benson home

The Forever Home: Going Green

27 Minutes / DVD / $40


Grassroots: Contesting Ohio

28 minutes / DVD

  • Community Groups/Public Libraries, $40:
  • College/University, $85: