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The Forever Home: Going Green

Harrell Remodeling and Pam Walton Productions

Front entrance of the Harrell-Benson home

"A refreshing look at a Bay Area home remodeling project. The planning and architecture considers not only the needs of the home owners, but also those of the environment and the home's surroundings. A green house for an extraordinary couple."

27 Minutes / DVD / Closed Captioned


The Forever Home: Going Green is the story of the remodeling of Iris Harrell and Ann Benson's beautiful home in Portola Valley, California. Iris, who owns Harrell Remodeling in Mountain View, has remodeled hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, and homes for other people over the years. This time the remodel is for her and Ann. They’re celebrating their legal marriage in California after over 28 years together.

Their home is not only exquisitely designed. The solar panels on the roof, the foam insulation that transforms their place into "an igloo ice chest," the recycled fixtures and doors, the carefully regulated use of water, and the integration of universal design, make their forever dream home a model of green efficiency.


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Iris and Ann,  1979 Iris and Ann, 1979
Iris and Ann, 1979 / Iris and Ann, 2009


Iris and Ann's home has won these National Association of Remodeling Industry Awards:

  • Platinum Award in Residential Universal Design
  • Judge's Choice Award, Most Green Project
  • Regional 8 State Contractor of the Year for Universal Design
  • National Award for Universal Design
  • The National Chrysalis Award for Universal Design
Room before remodel.Room After Remodel
Before Remodel / After Remodel


  • KCET, Los Angeles
  • WGBH, Boston
  • KCSM, San Mateo


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