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Family Values: An American Tragedy

Walton family 1952


"...riveting, informative, searingly honest, and moving."
—Chris Bull, Co-Author with Candace Gingrich, The Accidental Activist

59 Minutes / DVD


Awards & Screenings


Family Values: An American Tragedy tells the story of a family torn apart by political religious extremism. Pam Walton and her father, a leading behind-the-scenes figure in the radical religious right, have had nothing to do with each other for over 15 years because of what her father calls her “sinful lesbian lifestyle.” Walton sets out to expose the hypocrisy that exists among the right wing’s “family values” activists, but along the way there is an unexpected turn. Family Values asks us to remember that “family” is a deeply personal experience.


"Elegant. This sly slice of intimate investigative reporting operates like a Greek tragedy, revealing a family schema resonant on a national level. Never has the personal smelled so political."

—Erin Blackwell, San Francisco Bay Area Reporter


Reverend James Delange

"Family Values: An American Tragedy is a stunning document, a generous confidence shared with the viewer, haunting in its implications, so human and warm and universal in its perspective."

—Timothy J. Lyons, Editor, International Documentary


"Family Values is the best elucidation of a family with an openly gay person and an anti-gay past that I have ever come across. It is riveting, informative, searingly honest, and moving."

—Chris Bull, Co-Author with Candace Gingrich, The Accidental Activist

Awards and Screenings

  • INPUT '97, International Public TV Screening Conference, Nantes, France
  • Best Documentary, Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
  • Audience Favorite Documentary, Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • Jury Award, 9th Louisville Film & Video Festival
  • Third Place for Documentary, Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival
  • Bronze Award/Special Screening, National Educational Media Network, Oakland
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Arkansas
  • 4th Windy City International Documentary Festival, Chicago
  • Finalist, Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival, Nashville
  • American Film Institute's 15th Annual Video Festival, Hollywood
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema de Montreal, Quebec
  • Denver International Film Festival
  • Philafilm, Philadelphia International Film Festival
  • Cinequest, San Jose International Film Festival
  • Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois

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