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Call To Witness

Reverend Phyllis Zillhart


"The stories in Call to Witness need to be heard..." —Bishop Emeritus Paul Egertson, SW California Synod, ELCA

59 Minutes / DVD / Closed Captioned

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Call to Witness focuses on three extraordinary people who are willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe in. The Lutheran pastors in Call to Witness and the congregations that support them want to open not only their pews but also their pulpits to all people, including gay men and lesbians. Call to Witness is an excellent discussion starter and makes an important contribution to any religious or lgbt studies curricula.


Reverend James Delange


"Call to Witness is both an elegy to shattered lives and ruined careers and a testimony to the courage and commitment of queer pastors and their partners who are engaged in one of the most important and controversial battles of our time."

—Outfest 2000, The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


Anita Hill (left)

"Call to Witness goes behind the angry rhetoric to paint a compelling picture of a denomination's struggle to come to terms with its gay and lesbian congregants. It is an enlightened meditation on an issue that threatens to tear our nation apart and should be required viewing for both sides of the cultural divide."

—Chris Bull, Washington Correspondent, The Advocate / Co-author, Perfect Enemies: The Religious Right, the Gay Movement, and the Politics of the 1990s.


Anita Hill w/assistant and congregation

"The stories in Call to Witness need to be heard if we are to seriously engage in the 'study of sexuality' that is currently underway in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. That study has multiple sides and this video presents one seldom heard by the people in our pews, or in the public."

—Bishop Emeritus Paul Egertson, Southwest California Synod, ELCA.


"In just sixty minutes, Call to Witness captures not only an important piece of history, but also illustrates why religious debates are so essential to our struggle for civil rights."

—Jim Mitulski, GLBT Outreach Coordinator, James Hormel Center, San Francisco

Awards, Broadcasts and Screenings

  • Call to Witness will be broadcast on MTV Networks' historic new gay and lesbian network, LOGO. Look for it in your basic cable listing.
  • Cinequest, The San Jose International Film Festival
  • Film Fest New Haven New Haven, Connecticut
  • Philadelphia International Film Festival - Awards Competition
  • Louisville Film and Video Festival
  • 2nd Annual Ajijic Festival Internacional de Cine
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Pennsylvania Film Festival
  • Lesbian & Gay Film Festivals:
    • The New Festival, New York
    • San Francisco International Gay/Lesbian Film Festival
    • Outfest, Los Angeles
    • Out on Film, Atlanta
    • Out Now!, Kansas City
    • One in Ten, Washington DC
    • Seattle
    • Philadelphia
    • Out Takes, Dallas
    • Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

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